Rancho California Water District Groundwater Management Program

Partnering to Meet a District’s Goals

The Rancho California Water District (RCWD) overlies a groundwater basin encompassing approximately 90 square miles of area in Riverside County of Southern California. Approximately half of the annual water needed by the District is produced from saturated alluvial deposits through a system of 100 deep wells.

The Geoscience team oversees the RCWD’s Groundwater Management Program, having served as District Hydrologist since 1988. In this role, Geoscience conducts annual water audits to recommend groundwater production for the following water year. We also prepared an integrated groundwater and streamflow model of the Murrieta Temecula groundwater basin.

Over the years, Geoscience has worked closely with RCWD staff on a wide array of groundwater management and planning issues, including:

  • Annual water audits to provide recommended production
  • Conducting an artificial recharge study and implementation of the VDC Recharge Ponds
  • Safe yield studies
  • Subsidence Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting well issues, siting and construction supervision on more than 23 large-scale production wells

Maintaining long term partnerships with clients is a hallmark of Geoscience. Since 1988, we have served as the district hydrologist for the Rancho California Water District. In that time, we have devised programs to help the District plan, develop and manage its groundwater.

Details at a Glance:
  • Client: Rancho California Water District
  • Date: 1988- present
  • Services Performed: Basin Management, Geohydrologic Studies, Groundwater Modeling, Water Wells, Well Field Optimization