City of Oceanside, Multiple Projects

Oceanside, CA

Geoscience has completed multiple projects for the City including groundwater recharge feasibility studies, design, and grant application support. Two projects recently completed and/or in progress projects are described below:

Pure Water Oceanside

Our team completed a study to evaluate indirect potable reuse (IPR) feasibility and pathogen removal through a water reclamation facility. As part of the study, our team developed an extensive exploratory program that included drilling, logging, testing, and sampling: nine monitoring wells, five sonic boreholes, three geophysical resistivity surveys, and historical data collection to better understand the basin hydrogeology and recalibrate and update the Mission Basin Groundwater Model. The feasibility study was successful in better understanding the basin and locating the best areas for injection wells. Currently, Geoscience is designing and providing construction management for three injection wells and three monitoring wells.

Once completed, the project will enable the City to improve groundwater conditions, improve supply reliability, and optimize water recycling at the San Luis Rey Water Treatment Facility with IPR supplementing conventional Non-Potable Reuse (NPR) opportunities. Once the new wells are operational, the City will be able to recharge the basin with an additional 2,000 and 5,000 acre feet of recycled water per year.

Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility USBR Grant Study

As a subconsultant, Geoscience supported efforts to complete a grant application to expand the City’s Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility (MBGPF). Using the recalibrated and updated model, we determined the best location for new extraction wells to supply brackish water to the MBGPF without negatively impacting the basin and current operations. We also worked closely with the City and Prime Consultant, Woodard & Curran, to support discussions with the County, Regional Board, Division of Drinking Water, and other regulatory agencies. Due to these efforts the City was awarded the grant to expand the Desalter facility and help secure a more sustainable water supply.

Details at a Glance:
  • Client: City of Oceanside
  • Date: 2018-On-Going