Yucaipa, CA. Our team has completed multiple project in Yucaipa including groundwater recharge, modeling, and well design and construction.

Who We Are


Geoscience Support Services was founded in 1978 by Dr. Dennis Williams, Ph.D., PG, CHG., after working for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and consulting overseas. Throughout our history, we have accomplished several “firsts” in the industry:

  • The first numerical groundwater model of the Orange County area
  • The first SCADA-controlled wellfield in the Middle East
  • The first ocean water injection well barrier in the Middle East
  •  The first to develop zone testing for water quality sampling in wells
  • The first artificially gravel packed slant well designed and constructed
  • One of the first to study and quantify well casing opening size on production efficiency

To this day, we continue to innovate and develop new methods to help our clients be successful and meet their groundwater supply needs and challenges.


Our founder, Dr. Dennis Williams, completes undergraduate study at the University of Redlands


Dr. Williams begins graduate studies in groundwater hydrology at New Mexico Tech

Early 1960s

Groundwater models were analogue and mainly developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). They were extremely large, complex, and specific to each basin.


Dr. Williams begins consulting


Dr. Williams accepted a job at LADWP

  • Developed groundwater in the Owens Valley
  • Rare to have a degree in groundwater hydrology at that time

Mid 1960s

As computers became more available, computer codes were developed to model ground water basins using distributed parameter models. Models used Fortran code, and were transcribed on punch-cards.


Dr. Williams returns to New Mexico Tech to begin a doctoral progam

  • Offered a graduate assistantship to complete his PhD.
  • Worked with Mahdi Hantush and C.E. Jacob – two of the earliest researchers in the field
  • PhD thesis was a groundwater investigation of the Owens valley which developed the first groundwater model of the valley.


Dr. Williams completed his doctoral program attaining a PhD in groundwater hydrology and Returns to LADWP

  • Continued well development in Owens Valley, leading the transition from using cable tool drilling to reverse rotary methods to increase drilling rates
  • Developed an electrohydraulic arch tool to clear clogged artesian wells near Bishop, CA
  • Developed a shape charge explosive device to lower into basaltic aquifer wells to improve water production.
    • Developed a shape charge explosive device to lower into basaltic aquifer wells to improve water production. The device was based on Dr. Williams’ graduate work at New Mexico Institute of Mining Technology where he learned how to make shape charges from the Navy while doing tests with explosives.


Dr. Williams leaves LADWP to pursue consulting work.


Dr. Williams began working for Louis Berger to develop wellfields in Iran.

  • Unknown to our founder at the time, Louis Berger was working with the CIA to develop well fields in Iran
  • Dr. Williams began work on the Gorgon Project – next to the Caspian Sea to construct 150 deep-water supply wells.


Dr. Williams begins the first seawater barrier injection well project in the Middle East

  • Through a mutual acquaintance, Dennis met the Shah’s brother, Prince Abdul Reza who had a farm adjacent to the Caspian Sea. His wells were being effected by salt water and Dennis mentioned that he could use injection wells to push the saltwater back and form a barrier. The prince said, “Do it,” and the project was born..


Dr. Williams begins the first SCADA controlled wellfield project in the Middle East

  • During a subsequent meeting with Prince Abdul Reza, Dr. Williams mentioned that the seawater barrier injection wells could be operated and monitored via computer with a SCADA system. The prince said, “do it.”


Dr. Williams works with the United Nations Development Program

  • Dr. Williams wrote a paper titled “Modern Techniques in Groundwater Studies,” which led to him being hired by the United Nations for part-time missions to India to construct the first digital computer groundwater model in the country.


Dr. Williams returns to the United States

  • Because of the unrest in the country, and so that his children could attend Jr. High and High School in the United States, Dennis returned to California.
  • Once in the United States, his contacts in Iran told him it was best if he didn’t return just yet.


Geoscience Support Services was incorporated

  • Dr. Williams named the company Geoscience Support Services after the Geoscience Department at New Mexico Tech since he was fond of the department and it fit with his views on groundwater services.


One of Geoscience Support Services’ first jobs was with NEC to write the software for SCADA system at Prince Abdul Reza’s former farm.


Geoscience Support Services gets it’s first water district client, West Valley Water District


Dr. Williams and Geoscience Support Services design the world’s largest aquifer model with Roscoe Moss Company.

  • The model was constructed to conduct research on well screen efficiency.
  • The results from Dr. Williams’ research was the basis for the water well design sections of Handbook of Groundwater Development


Geoscience Support Services develops its own proprietary groundwater modeling code as no industry-standard program existed at the time.


Dr. Williams begins teaching graduate-level courses in geohydrology and groundwater modeling

  • One of his students, Johnson Yeh, became a graduate-level intern at Geoscience in the late 1980s and began working at Geoscience full time once he completed his PhD in 1991. More than two decades later, Dr. Yeh is currently our Principal Groundwater Modeler and has developed groundwater models for several water districts in Southern California.


Geoscience Support Services gets a new logo

  • The logo was based on an inverted triangle which is often used to denote land subsidence.
  • We have used a version of this logo in one form or another for the past 40 years.


Geoscience Support Services completes its first groundwater audit

  • Geoscience completed the first water audit for Rancho California Water District, which helped the District sustainably manage the local groundwater basin.
  • The audit is similar to what would eventually be covered under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014


Dr. Williams published Modern Techniques in Water Well Design establishing empirical well efficiency data and design parameters for the first time.


Supported Litigation between the Government of Libya and Brazilian Oil Company at the International Court of Arbitration


The USGS develops a code for groundwater models called MODFLOW, which becomes industry standard.

  • Recognizing the need for an industry-standard code, Geoscience starts developing groundwater models using MODFLOW


Geoscience Support Services began the Diamond Valley Lake Recovery Well project with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. At the time Geoscience’s largest project


Geoscience Support Services worked with USGS to review the San Bernardino Model, beginning a long relationship with USGS to help review and beta-test groundwater model code including GSFLOW


Geoscience Support Services was approached by South Coast Water District to develop a slant well desalination intake system

  • The intake system became the first artificially packed slant well developed


Geoscience Support Services began the second slant well desalination intake project in Monterey, CA


Geoscience Support Services supported Litigation between Disi Water Co. and the Government of Jordan at the International Court of Arbitration


Geoscience Support Services served as an expert witness for the Antelope Valley Arbitration Case, the largest in California.


Geoscience Support Services begins work on the Upper Santa Ana River Integrated Model, the largest integrated surface-groundwater models in California


Geoscience Support Services celebrates its 40-year anniversary


Geoscience Support Services selected to support a litigation case appearing before the United States Supreme Court


Our founder, Dr. Dennis Williams, is recognized and received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Groundwater Resources Association

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