Yucaipa Valley Water District, Oak Valley Town Center Recharge Project

Yucaipa, CA

The Oak Valley Town Center is a planned, large-scale, mixed use development that initially planned to spread recycled water using decorative lakes. However, our investigations found that recharge via spreading basins was not feasible and that artificial recharge using injection wells was best suited to the site geology.

Geoscience initially completed a study to help determine recharge pond location and quantify the amount of water that could be recharged by each pond. The study developed a 3-Dimensional lithologic model based on available data and wells constructed in the area to identify potential recharge pond locations. We also completed seismic reflection surveys to determine the location of any geologic faults in the area that would prevent groundwater discharge.

Based on study results, we identified a test pond location to determine the best placement for the recharge basins. To assess the recharge potential in the ponds, we installed monitoring wells and installed instrumentation to determine recharge rates. We also designed and installed automatic flow control and SCADA systems for the test pond to collect data remotely in real time. Our team used the automated system to access site data on-line to calculate recharge potential.

Based on the test data, we discovered that percolation ponds likely would not recharge enough water, making injection wells the preferred option. We then completed modeling to assess the effectiveness and impact of injection wells. Based on modeling results we will recommend injection well locations and complete exploratory drilling to develop injection well designs.

Details at a Glance:
  • Client: Yucaipa Valley Water District
  • Date: 2018-On-Going